Cambode Moattaq

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Pure Cambodian Oudh
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Pure Cambodian Oudh

12 ml [0.4 oz]
Arabian Oil Perfume - Attar - Alcohol Free
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This Oud oil is quickly becoming one of my favorites, simply because it is actually wearable, and second because it is an aged 15 years Cambodian variety that smells extremely dry and 'clean, woody, bright, blonde, austere with literally zero funk'. The opening of course if never pleasant, but this is not that typical Oud that smells like animal poo upon applying, it is not a barnyard Oud, Moattaq opens as very sulphury, green, in fact really green, you can smell dirt, plant matter, bark and wood, but the best part of this Oud is that 1 hour after applying you get strongly, those balmy, leathery sillage trails which is when soon after this oil quickly segues into those balmy sillage trails that are virtually indescribable with a strong backdrop of the most 'pristine', 'polished' wood that smells bright and hollow in color. Man, it's olfactory overlord. Sillage and longevity are never a factor here, just a minute drop is all you need. There is another oil from Majid Iterji which is named Rose Ward Al-Manara and is a distilled Moroccan Rose that's super good in quality which layered with this recreates 'perfectly' (!) that rubbery, leathery Rose/Oud combo that pretty much every single Western house attempts to perceive by ways of synthesizing. I'm telling you, these oils are totally awesome, and this house is way underrated and has some spot on oils...

This is my all time favorite Oud oil that I regularly wear on it's own or for layering. The smell is incredibly deep, rich and complex which unfolds over endless hours and is also very masculine in feel. Highly recommended!
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