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477.00 ر.س  
3 ml [0.1 oz], Arabian Oil Perfume - Attar - Alcohol Free
Pure Cambodian Oudh

99.00 ر.س  
12 ml [0.4 oz], Arabian Oil Perfume - Attar - Alcohol Free
Blend of burma oudh with Cambodian and Vietnamese Special test for a special person
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35.00 ر.س  
260 ml. [8.79 fl. oz.], Natural Air Freshener

Whether it's a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, our air freshener is leaving your air clean and refreshed. Most air fresheners mask odors and usually contain dangerous chemicals that can cause more harm than good. Don't let a bad smell ruin your day. our natural air freshener safe and eco-friendly with oud scents

80.00 ر.س  
32 grams [0.07 pound]
High quality Cambodian, Laos and Vietnamese oudh veneers blended with Burman dehn al Oudh.

120.00 ر.س  
60 ML [2.0 oz], Concentrated Spray Perfume

Pamper yourself by wearing the natural Indian agarwood scent.

18.00 ر.س  
80 ml. [2.8 oz], Face and Hand care

225.00 ر.س  
45 ml. [1.5 oz], Concentrated Spray Perfume

Cambode Moattaq is a natural Cambodian Oud and very special perfume with a strong, aromatic and long listing smell, for oud's lovers only.

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