Musk Al-Manara Al-Makkeah

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A tola of top and high qualilty white musk which provides freshness and long lasting effect.
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A tola of top and high qualilty white musk which provides freshness and long lasting effect.

12 ml [0.4 oz]
Arabian Oil Perfume - Attar - Alcohol Free
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Subhanallah I bought this to be honest words can't describe its smell honestly I haven't smelled anything like it going to keep repurchasing over and over again and the bottle is also the best since it's the minaret of Makkah al mukarama

Lighter than I expected, yet long lasting with a clean finish. People noticed the scent and came closer to me to bask. Use with a light hand in order not to overwhelm, one drop goes a long way! Highly recommended!

I bought for my wife.,and she LOVE it.Nothing in the American market can be compare to it.10 star rating.

White Musk! Yes, indeed -one of my favourite. Good balanced, warm and woody from the beginning to the end. sweet and not too strong. Every man should have at least one white musk at home. Also preferable for special occasions. personally I can use this every day. Buy,Buy!

Musk al Manara is sweet on top note. Base note is musky, but this is a fragrance which is balanced and suitable for both men and women..

فعلاً مسك خالص ورائع مو مثل انواع المسك الاخرى جربته مع العينات المجانية وراح اضيفه مع طلبيتي اليوم

والله صدقت يا اختي انا من عشاق العطور الزكية و خصوصا الخليجية لكن المسافة بعيدة حتى المغرب نفسي احط و لو نقطة من هاد العطور الخطيرة لكنننننننننننننننننننننننننننننننننننن..............

هذا العطر رائع و ممتاز لمن يحب رائحة المسك الابيض الصافي

يعني كان نفسي شي مرة جرب هي العطور انا بس بتفرج , اولا لانه هي العطور غير موجودة بأوربا , و ما ممكن يستعملها الا المقيمين بالدول العربية و خاصة دول الخليج , و ثانيا لانه ثمنها غالي , بس قول الحقيقة انا احيانا بستنحلي الفرصة اني شمها على حدا , بحبببببببببب
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